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Latoya Turner,
HR Administrator

The Kids Tech Program is great, it wasn’t too hard for my son to comprehend. He was excited about it, and I loved the fact that he had assistants to go around and help when kids were stuck.  Also, there was instructions to follow along with and practice at home

Kayla Mason, EEO Investigator/Financial Analyst

The experience was great! The instruction & professionalism was excellent, & the class is so relevant in today's globalized world with technology constantly at your child's fingertips

Ben Jones,
Electrical Engineer

The Reeves Kids Coding Program was a great experience for the kids and I highly recommend it. In only a short time the class cultivated creativity and instilled the drive for working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. It was obvious the instant gratification from being able to immediately see the result of their work excited the kids

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