Series A: Introduction to Coding & Web Design

  • Setting up a webpage using HTML coding language
  • Adding background color and text colors to your website
  • Adding content to your webpage such as text, images, videos, etc.
  • Adding YouTube video channels to your website
  • Creating a website using Wix


Series B: Intermediate Coding & WeB Design  

  • Adding advanced styles & formatting to your website using CSS coding language
  • Adding buttons and button functionality to your website
  • Adding vertical and horizontal navigational menu bars to your website
  • Adding multiple webpages to your website
  • Adding mobile features to your Wix website (Chat room features, PayPal buttons, shopping page, contact forms, etc.)


Series C: Advanced Coding & Web Design

  • Creating Login & Contact pages
  • Adding submit buttons and email functionality to your website
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Introduction to Game Design using JavaScript
  • Create arcade games using JavaScript and drag-and drop features
  • Add features on website to upload pictures, video, and music from your Desktop

Coding & Web Design training package for students (ages 9-18)

  • *Introduction to HTML 
    *Setting up a webpage 
    *Adding text to a webpage 
    *Adding colors and formats to your webpage
    *Adding images to a webpage 
    *Adding links to a webpage 
    *Adding YouTube video channels to your webpage
    *Linking multiple webpages to a website

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