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Check out our tutorials and training for parents. For parents who want to incorporate tech based learning for their children (ages 5-18) such as coding and game design in their homes, check out our training package below. For additional questions, you can email us at

Introducing coding to your child 


 *No coding experience required for parents or children   


We provide lessons to parents on how to incorporate interactive, engaging, hands - on coding exercises for their children (ages 5-18) 

Parents will receive the following: 

  • Video tutorials on tips and strategies for teaching coding to your child (ages 5-18) 

  • Hands on learning activities and study guides in the following areas: coding/web design, game design, robotics programming, mobile app design 

  • Digital copy of the Kids Next Code "Introduction to Coding/Web Design book for children/teens (ages 5-18) " 

  • Video tutorials for your child in the following areas: 

       - Designing YouTube channels online 

       - Coding & Web Design 

       - Mobile App Design 

       - Robotics Programming    

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