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Kids ages</>5-18 

Beginners Coding Course

Students will learn the fundamentals of coding and HTML web design by learning a few key elements such as:

  • Introduction to HTML 

  • Setting up a webpage 

  • Adding text, color & formats 

  • Adding images & hyperlinks 

  • Adding YouTube video channels to their website

Intermediate Coding Course 

Students will learn advanced styling and formatting of their website by using CSS language. In this course students will learn:

  • How to publish their website online 

  • How to add HTML code to a Wix website 

  • Introduction to CSS 

  • How to add advanced styles and formatting to their website 

  • How to create vertical and horizontal navigational menu bars 

  • How to create Login forms, Contact forms& Email forms

Advanced Coding Course

Students will learn how to add functionality to their website using Javascript. Students will also learn how to design a mobile app and a mobile compatible website. In this course students may learn:

  • Introduction to JavaScript

  • How to add CSS animation to their website 

  •  How to add buttons & button functionality to their website 

  •  About responsive web design 

  • How to insert external stylesheets 

  • Introduction to Mobile App design using Wix

*Classes are available upon request

What’s Included: 

Video Tutorials
• 90-minute online demo led by KNC instructors

• Web Design study guide

• Coding exercises at the end of each lesson

• KNC Web Design book for all course levels

 Questions about pricing and scheduling your sessions? Email us at

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