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Tag Man game available on all IOS platforms.

Tag Man game available on all  Android platforms.

Register for our Beginners course on Game Design for students ages (5-18)


Tag-Man is an interactive video game created to teach students (ages 5-18) the fundamentals of coding and web design. The game follows a similar style of the popular 1980s game, Pac-Man, and uses a similar maze background and similar characters. Tag-Man utilizes different stages to teach students the different tags associated with various categories of web design such as setting up a webpage, formatting a web page, creating content on your webpage, etc.


Tag-Man combines instructional learning and interactive game play in one application to give students an opportunity to engage in learning web design. By clicking on the Learn Web Design button, parents and teachers can register their kids/students for our online coding & web design classes. 

Schools can also get involved with the game by partnering with Kids Next Code to customize the Tag Man application with their school colors, and school logo. 

To learn more, email us at or click on the Contact Us button below. 

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