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Our Services

Virtual or face to face coding & design workshops for students (ages 5-18): Web Design, Mobile App Design, Game Design, Robotics, Engineering

Provide professional support as teachers adopt new teaching methods

Mentorship programs with tech professionals

Curriculum development and planning for grades (K-12)

Train and prepare teachers to be adept of online learning platforms

Coding & App Design Workshops for students K-12 (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)

Professional Development and teacher support

Implementing a Coding program within your organization: Strategies for success

Youth Entrepreneur Training Program (ages 9-18)

Our Clients

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Curriculum Development & Training Offered:

- Coding & Web Design (ages 5-18)
- Game Design (ages 5-13)
- Robotics (ages 5-13)
- Engineering (ages 5-18)
- Mobile App Design (ages 5-13) 
- Business & Entrepreneurship (ages 8-18)

If you are interested in our curriculum development and training, contact us below!

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