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School Programs 

Children Embracing in Circle

Summer Camps


Student Workshops

Fun, Engaging, Hands-on. 

We are a tech driven program that trains underserved youth in the areas of Computer programming, Game Design, Engineering, Robotics, and other tech & STEM related subjects.


Our programs are flexible and are offered as one day workshops, one-week programs, 4-week programs, 8-week programs, and school semester programs. Our goal is to expose students to technology education through hands-on learning activities and project-based lessons.


Students leave our programs with a fully functional personal website; a fully functional personal arcade game; a good understanding of the Engineering Design process; and a good understanding of how to protect themselves on the Internet through good Cybersecurity practices. 

Our Programs 

Our programs are flexible and are offered as one day workshops, one-week programs, 4-week programs, 8-week programs, and school semester programs. Our goal is to expose students to technology education through hands on learning activities and project-based lessons. Our programs accommodate students at all age levels: elementary, middle school, and high school. Curriculum is available for students at beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.


School Programs 

Kids Next Code offers a number of programs to help schools and organizations in their efforts to provide technology education opportunities such as After school programs, Semester programs, and school field trips. We take the time to understand your needs so that the programs meet your students where they are. 

Children Embracing in Circle

Summer Camps

Summer camps give students the opportunity to explore tech courses similar used with after-school clubs but in more detail. Summer camps usually run weekly for an 8 week session,  from 8 am - 4 pm daily. Summer camps are offered face to face or virtually. Our summer camps expose our students to technology education, social emotional learning, fitness, and more.  


Student Workshops

Is your student craving more STEM instruction than is provided by their current school? Our students workshops provide lessons that teach computer programming, electronics, 3D design, and more. It's a great way to quench your student's thirst for more tech & STEM related activities! Classes are offered face to face or virtually. 

Kids Next Code Summer Camps

Our camps provide an engaging, interactive environment for our students to learn technology skills while having fun. Students will work in a collaborative setting to design and build functional hardware and software. In addition to tech, students also participate in fitness and social emotional learning exercises during our camp to enhance their well-being.  

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Social-emotional learning 

Tech & Design 


Our Courses

Our Kids Next Code courses provides training for youth (ages 8-16) in the following areas: Coding, Robotics, Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Game Design. Students will have fun creating personal websites, programming robots and drones, and designing video games. 


Coding & Game Design Program (ages 8-16) 

Students learn the fundamentals of Coding and Game Design and use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python to create functional websites and customize video games. 


Robotics & Engineering program (ages 8-16)

Students learn the Engineering Design process and participate in hands-on projects to build and program robots,  drones, and create functional hardware. 


Cybersecurity & Internet Safety (ages 8-14)

Students learn the fundamentals of Ethical hacking; how to protect themselves online; and receive hands-on exercises that provide Internet Safety strategies for school and home. 


Upcoming Events 


The Kids Tech Program is great, it wasn’t too hard for my son to comprehend. He was excited about it, and I loved the fact that he had assistants to go around and help when kids were stuck.  Also, there was instructions to follow along with and practice at home.

Latoya Turner, 

HR Adminstrator

The experience was great! The instruction & professionalism was excellent, & the class is so relevant in today's globalized world with technology constantly at your child's fingertips.

Kayla Mason,

Financial Analyst 

The Kids Coding Program was a great experience for the kids and I highly recommend it. In only a short time the class cultivated creativity and instilled the drive for working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. It was obvious the instant gratification from being able to immediately see the result of their work excited the kids.

Ben Jones, 

Electrical Engineer 


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