Exposing the youth in underserved communities worldwide to technology based education such as coding & app design. 


According to Fortune’s study on large tech companies, on average, women hold only 1/3 of the tech jobs in large tech companies like Intel, Microsoft, HP, and LinkedIn.

Within the same companies, minorities hold even a smaller share of the jobs; Native Americans being the smallest percentage with an average of 0.2% (<1%.) Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders were tied around 0.3% (<1%.) Blacks held the third lowest percentage of jobs, averaging 5% and Hispanics held about 7% of the jobs at these large tech companies.

When smaller tech companies are included, women only hold 25% of the tech jobs available on average.

Kids Next Code

Kids Next Code program began January 2016

Organization is geared towards increasing the exposure kids in underserved communities have to technology education courses such as coding, app design, and game design. 

Since 2016, we've taught STEM related courses such as coding, game design, engineering, and robotics to over 1,000 students (ages 5-18) nationwide!

In 2019, the Kids Next Code program expanded to New York to bring coding programs to Queens, New York and New Rochelle, New York.


 "Prior to entering the Reeve's Coding Program my kids ages 12,9 and 8 had never had any coding experience. Reeves's Coding Program not only introduced my kids to coding in a fun and engaging way, it also excited them and peeked there interest. During my kids private session I was able to learn and pick up on some basic coding skills while I watch my kids build their first website. Needless to say I would definitely recommend Reeve's Coding Program for anyone, any age, looking to learn coding from a energetic, knowledgeable and engaging teacher "

Tewanda Henry,

Security Coordinator


Kids Tech Day 

Web Design & Mobile App Design Workshop

Virtual STEM boot camp

Kids STEM week

Robotics & Engineering Workshop

Coding Workshop (One Day program or 4 to 8-week program)


Dekalb County Jail 

Clayton County Library Branch

Fulton County Library Branch

Tech Time Academy

Lumpkin County Middle School

Ivy Prep Academy

Spelman College

Galore Urban Tech (Queens, New York)

 Introduction to Web Design for ages 5-18 online course now available on Udemy 

Kids Next Code Online coding & design classes

What’s Next?

  • Establish partnerships with other entrepreneurs so we can extend the technology services offered to students.

  • Extend the program outside of Georgia to other underserved communities nationwide

  • Partner with elementary, middle school, and high school programs

  • Receive grants and funding

  • Conduct professional workshops to train instructors so they can implement coding programs throughout their organization

  • Offer video tutorials on web design classes

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